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5 winter prep steps you need to take this week.



With winter in full swing, are you ready for the cold, snow and everything that comes with it?
Take time this week to tackle these 5 simple tasks to feel ready for winter: 

    1. Check that appliances are in good working condition
      Take a minute to inspect your water heater, furnace, fireplace and kitchen appliances.
      A winter breakdown can be expensive, COLD and potentially dangerous.


    1. Check insulation and door seals
      Poor insulation or gapped door and window seals will lead to a drafty house which uses more energy to keep warm. That’s energy you pay EXTRA for!


    1. Prepare an emergency kit
      Consider assembling a kit with days worth of food, water, blankets, clothes, batteries and flashlights so you are ready when a storm creates an lengthy power outage. Preparing a similar kit for your vehicle would also be a fantastic idea!


    1. Check your roof and gutters
      When the weather permits, inspect your roof for any missing or  damaged shingles and ensure your gutters are clear.
      15 minutes of prevention, will save loads of work this season.


    1. Make sure you have an adequate propane or heating oil supply
      Call Ed Staub today to schedule a propane or heating oil delivery! This helps make sure you are safe throughout the season and don’t accidentally run out of fuel and require an emergency delivery.


We deliver propane and heating oil, provide tank inspections and service, when needed.

Ed Staub is your local expert in providing bulk propane to residential, commercial, and construction sites.

Call us to discuss your needs and to learn about the benefits of using propane – 1-844-200-FUEL.


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