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You should be here!

Ray and Jan Driscoll are soaking up the sun in Hawaii, as the 2016 Hawaiian Vacation winners! We are so excited to send them to the sand and salt water, and just a bit jealous!! It may be chilly around here, but Ed’s has got you covered with the Propane and heating oil to keep […]

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Take your propane inside.

When most people think propane, the first thing that comes to mind is a 20lb can under the grill. While grill propane is important, did you know that propane can safely and efficiently fuel many indoor and outdoor home appliances? Water Heaters A propane water heater reheats and recovers twice as quickly as a conventional […]

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No power… no problem.

Propane is a clean-burning alternative to electricity that you can use to power many of the appliances in your home. Propane is a quick, efficient way to heat water for your tub, dishwasher, washing machine, spa tub and pool. In the kitchen, the high degree of control and precise temperatures you get with a propane […]

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More than delivery.

It’s easy to think of us as your propane delivery company. It may come as a surprise that we can source and install your propane appliances. We understand our customers and the industry better than your basic “big box” store. We know what works, lasts a long time, and offers the best mix of price […]

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When it Comes to New Oils, There is No Such Thing as Too Much Field Testing

  When the new API CK-4 and FA-4 oils hit the market later this year, they will have undergone some of the most rigorous, varied and exhaustive testing in the industry. It is important to be able to tell customers with complete confidence exactly how products will perform for them in whatever environment they may […]

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PC-11 Mythbusters: Get the facts on this new oil

With the new PC-11 heavy duty motor oil (HDMO) category currently targeted for December 1, 2016, fleets must begin preparing for this critical change in technology. As fleet managers and executives plan their fleet’s strategy, we’ve seen a surge in questions from many of our customers, and wanted to help set the record straight. MYTH: […]

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Explaining the new PC-11 oil categories

In the near future, lower viscosity engine oil grades will replace SAE 15W-40 as the main products used by truckers. Almost all new diesel engines for on-road trucks are being factory filled with API CJ-4 SAE 10W-30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil (HDMO). 7 of the 10 largest trucking fleets in the country have switched to […]

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Chevron Lubricants Help You Run Better Longer.

See what DELO has done for Edgar Hansen, Commercial Fisherman, and Northwestern Captain on Deadliest Catch.     Ed Staub & Sons offers a full line of lubricants and grease products to meet you needs, including: Chevron, Delo, Havoline, Phillips 66, Mag1, Power Service Products, and more. Plus, we have the experts on staff to […]

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Fueling a Competitive Edge for fleets

As your fleet grows, total cost-of-ownership is a top consideration. With Propane Autogas,  you can expect to save money in areas where conventional and other alternative fuels would strain a fleet’s budget. FUEL In the long run, propane autogas delivers superior performance to conventional fuels for each dollar invested. And when you take advantage of potential […]

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Autogas Frequently asked Questions

Q. What is a dedicated propane Autogas vehicle? A. It’s a vehicle that runs on propane autogas only. Q. What is the difference between bi-fuel and dual fuel? A. Bi-fuel refers to a vehicle that runs on either propane autogas or gasoline. Many aftermarket conversions are bi-fuel systems. Dual fuel refers to vehicles where both propane autogas […]

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Sweet and savory selections your grill has been waiting for!

Summer means the kick off of BBQ season! You’re likely the master of meats like burgers, dogs, brats and chicken-kabobs… But did you know that many fruits are excellent grilled, either as a dessert or side dish? Whoa! Right? There are a lot of fruits that taste delicious after spending a few minutes on the […]

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Are you using the right lubricants?

From motor oil, to transmission fluid, and gear oil and greases, Ed Staub & Sons understands how proper lubrication decreases your downtime and protects your investment. Take 5 minutes to go through the “5 Rights” of a successful lubricant program: RIGHT TYPE Two major classes of lubricants are oil and grease. The selection of the […]

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Got DEF?

DEF is an acronym for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is 32.5% technical-grade Urea and 67.5% purified water. It is not hazardous, and is used to aid in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which is a vehicle emissions control technology designed to reduce diesel engine emissions. DEF is required on all 2010 and later model […]

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Start Enjoying Better Hot Water

PULL THE PLUG ON YOUR ELECTRIC WATER HEATER, AND DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF A PROPANE MODEL. When you install a new, energy-effi cient propane water heater, you’ll use less energy, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint. Don’t wait to switch — install a propane model soon to avoid the wasted energy and high costs of your older, less efficient […]

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7 sharable tips for safe winter driving.

  Winter driving season is here! Shorter days, more driving in the dark, and roads that are anything but clear and dry, are the perfect reasons to brush up on a few winter driving tips. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. In snow and rain, this means leaving 5 – 10 minutes […]

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5 winter prep steps you need to take this week.

  With winter in full swing, are you ready for the cold, snow and everything that comes with it? Take time this week to tackle these 5 simple tasks to feel ready for winter:  Check that appliances are in good working condition Take a minute to inspect your water heater, furnace, fireplace and kitchen appliances. […]

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Time to RETIRE your heating oil.

TODAY’S PROPANE HEATING SYSTEMS OUTPACE HEATING OIL IN EVERY WAY.   Once, heating oil was a solid performer for you. Now, you’re starting to wonder if it’s still the best at its job. With a clean, efficient propane heating system, comfortable, consistent warmth is just the first of many benefits you’ll enjoy. Propane systems have […]

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Propane Price Protection FAQs

  Q. What is Propane Price Protection? A. The Propane Price Protection Program allows you to “lock in” the price per gallon for your annual purchases. This program is run in conjunction with the Budgetpay program where you pay an average payment amount each month instead of actual invoice charges. Q. How does the Propane Price Protection […]

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Learn more about Budgetpay

  Q. What is the Budgetpay Plan? A. The Budgetpay Plan helps smooth out the ups and downs of your monthly residential propane and/or heating fuel bill by averaging annual consumption and costs over an 11 month period. You pay an average payment amount each month instead of actual invoice charges.   Q. How does the Budgetpay […]

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Propane Price Protection!

Q. What is Propane Price Protection? A. The Propane Price Protection Program allows you to “lock in” the price per gallon for your annual purchases. This program is run in conjunction with the Budgetpay program where you pay an average payment amount each month instead of actual invoice charges. Q. How does the Propane Price Protection Program […]

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