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Ed Staub & Sons

Serving the energy needs of our local communities for over 60 years!

Founded in Alturas, California by Ed Staub, the company has expanded to serve communities in California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and Washington. Ed’s founding principles of integrity, a strong work ethic, and customer service remain the most vital components of our daily operations.

We are continually honored and humbled by the substantial growth of the company, and our commitment to serve our customers–and the communities in which we live–continues to be our central focus.



  • Fuel
    Wholesale, Retail, Mobile Fueling, Cardlock
  • Lubricants
    Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture
  • Propane
    Commercial, Residential, Agriculture
  • Heating Fuel
    Commercial, Residential


Value-added Services

  • Energy Servicing
    Installation, Repair, Maintenance
  • Fuel Facilities
    Construction, Maintenance, Development
  • Trucking
    Transport, Tankwagon
  • Cardlock 24 Hour Fueling
    Fuel Commander, Pacific Pride, CFN
  • FastBreak
    Convenience Stores, Product Marketing

Strategic Product Partnerships

Ed Staub & Sons has valued relationships with industry leading providers of heating and power systems, appliances, propane components, fuel, lubricants, and more. These partnerships are designed to keep your home comfortable, and your vehicles and businesses steadily moving forward.

Learn more about each featured product line by visiting our products page:
To see appliances in person, call us at 800.435.3835 or fill out the quick contact form on the right for the nearest showroom.

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About Our Founder

He Loved His Trucks!

“My favorite part of this business is driving the trucks!” — Ed Staub, in a 2009 interview from his home in Alturas, California.

Edward A. Staub was born in Ironton, Minnesota and moved to Northern California with his parents Walter and Helen Staub, where they started their family fuel business with the purchase of the Bieber Chevron Bulk Plant in 1952.

At age 17, Ed began driving trucks, hauling lumber to a mill and driving for his father during the summers. The first truck he ever drove was “a Ford F800 with a 5 & 3 Brownie transmission.”

Having grown up in the family fuel business, Ed understood the complex energy needs of the rapidly growing American Northwest. In 1959, he purchased the Chevron bulk plant in Alturas, California and founded Ed Staub & Sons. At that time, there were six bulk plants in Alturas-ARCO, Mobil, Shell, Texaco, Union 76 and Chevron.

Through hard work and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Ed Staub & Sons quickly became the biggest fuel and lubricant distributor of them all! The company continued to grow, adding the Cedarville Bulk Plant in 1965 and a Lakeview, Oregon facility in 1977.

Just as Ed started out with his father,  Ed’s two sons, Dave and Brad, went to work driving for the family business. When Ed Staub & Sons purchased their first tanker transport, the three kept up with demand by driving that truck around the clock!

In the 1980’s, Ed Staub & Sons expanded into the cardlock and propane business by acquiring CalGas. With a Chevron dealership in Silverlake, Oregon, as well as Mobil and Texaco plants in Alturas, Ed Staub & Sons moved into Tulelake, California to extend the Chevron and Texaco brands.

The 1980’s also brought the incorporation of the Fall River, Susanville and Burns Bulk Plants, and Eddies Truck Stop and a Chevron Station/Food Mart in Burns.

During the 1990’s, Ed Staub broadened its range of services adding 9 convenience stores and a clean burning oil stove line.

In more recent years, the company added Bulk Plants in Crescent, and John Day, Oregon, as well as Propane Plants in John Day, LaGrande, and Enterprise, Oregon, and Nampa and Donnelly, Idaho. Two recent acquisitions added a fuel bulk plant, convenience store, and 9 card lock facilities in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and 3 convenience stores, and several retail fuel accounts in the Redding, California area.
“Service, Hard Work and Honesty, is the business philosophy
Ed cites for keeping the company growing for 50 years.
That’s what I’ve always tried to provide, he continues,
and I expect it from each and every employee. I trust
the judgment of my family and know they will carry on that tradition.
That’s what my dad taught me and that’s what I taught my children.”


Though the company continues to grow, the original transport division, now named “Ed’s Trucking,” will keep Ed’s trucks out on the road for years to come.

Ed always considered everyone who works for Ed Staub & Sons to be family. Like his family, we follow his example of hard work, pure and simple. It’s why we’ve been in business over 60 years, and it’s why we’re here today—to serve our customers.


Ed’s Trucking

Ed Staub grew up in the booming American Northwest and created a business to fuel it. At age 17 he began driving trucks, hauling lumber to a mill and driving for his father’s fuel distribution company during the summer months.

Ed’s Trucking offers the following benefits to our customers:

  • Access to multiple fuel terminals
  • 33 owned and operated transport trucks
  • An in-house truck dispatch center
  • Safe hauling and delivery as our first priority

Our trucks and drivers maintain an exemplary record of compliance with registration, tax, and safety requirements, and in doing so, have earned the Department of Transportation designation as an Oregon Trusted Carrier Partner!

In Oregon, there are only 641 Trusted Carrier Partners, and we are honored and committed to maintaining this designation. What does that mean for you? It means on-time, safe, reliable deliveries that keep you moving forward. 

If you’re curious about what Ed’s Trucking can do for you, feel free to contact us using the quick contact form at the top of the page.


Looking for a long term career with a stable and growing company?

Ed Staub & Sons, exists to deliver products and services in a manner that develops relationships and contributes to the safety and success of our customers and communities.

For questions about employment at Ed Staub, or to apply for open positions, please contact Ginger Rayl in Human Resources at 541-887-8928 or send an email to employment@edstaub.com


Ed Staub & Sons Driver Application for Employment (PDF FILE)

Ed Staub & Sons General Application for Employment (WORD FILE)


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Ed Staub & Sons exists to deliver products and services in a manner that develops relationships and contributes to the safety and success of our customers and communities.