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Delo. Let’s go further. Here’s how:


Take a proactive approach to protecting your business. Following these “best practices” can go a long way to maximizing uptime, protecting your investments, and ensuring your success:

  • Perform regular maintenance.
    By far, preventative maintenance is the most cost-effective kind of maintenance.
  • Participate in an oil analysis program.
    Proper analysis by an Ed’s Expert can save time and money by extending your drain intervals.
  • Be consistent in your oil sampling methods.
    Take your samples under the same temperature and operating conditions each time. This will eliminate variables that could skew results.
  • Check your coolant level twice per year.
    Especially in winter months, it’s important to verify your coolant’s freeze point, and the best way to do that is with a refractometer, which effectively measures the coolant’s glycol-to-water ratio. Have questions? Call us at 844-200-FUEL.
  • Keep your inventory cool, clean, and dry.
    A dirty, moist environment with fluctuating temperatures will greatly reduce shelf life, since extreme hot or cold temperatures can cause chemical degradation, moisture contamination and performance losses.
  • Always use the best quality lubricant available.
    The cost of proper lubrication is generally far less than the cost of repairs! Ed Staub will help you to identify the right lubricants for your equipment. Fill out the quick contact form and we’ll be in touch.
  • Label inventory and dispensing equipment properly.
    Accidental contamination of one lubricant with another can seriously damage your equipment.
  • Keep your maintenance personnel well trained.
    Your staff forms a critical line of defense against equipment failure. Give them the tools they need to protect your equipment.
  • Viscosity matters!
    Whether its grease, engine oil, or gear lubricant, if your lubricant is too thick, fuel economy goes down and excessive strain is put on your components. If your lubricant is too thin, it will not provide the protection you need. Contact us. We can help.

Ed Staub & Sons offers a full line of lubricants and grease products to meet you needs, including: Chevron, Delo, Havoline, Phillips 66, Mag1, Power Service Products, and more. Plus, we have the experts on staff to provide a sampling analysis to help you extend the time between change intervals. That’s a change that could keep your equipment running, and directly affect your bottom line. Request a QUICK QUOTE or call us at 844-200-FUEL.