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Explaining the new PC-11 oil categories


In the near future, lower viscosity engine oil grades will replace SAE 15W-40 as the main products used by truckers. Almost all new diesel engines for on-road trucks are being factory filled with API CJ-4 SAE 10W-30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil (HDMO). 7 of the 10 largest trucking fleets in the country have switched to SAE 10W-30 to take advantage of better fuel economy and continued engine protection. The adoption of SAE 10W-30 has even hit medium and smaller fleets looking to minimize fuel costs and remain competitive with larger fleets.

In 2016, the second phase of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) greenhouse gas emission reduction rules will come into effect. The oil industry is developing a new category of lower-viscosity diesel engine oils as part of the upcoming Proposed Category 11 (PC-11) oils that will offer even better fuel economy, along with superb engine protection against wear, oxidation and deposit buildup. ASTM, EMA and API committees are overseeing the development of the new PC-11 engine oil standards, so owners and owner operators can be confident that these oils will provide appropriate protection while providing additional fuel economy performance over current API CJ-4 SAE 10W-30 and SAE 5W-30 oils.

Watch the video to see What’s Behind the Changes

PC-11 will have two categories of engine oils:

– PC-11A will be backward compatible. These new oils can be used with older and newer engines in mixed fleets regardless of the oil viscosity. PC-11A oils will have a minimum High-Temperature High-Shear (HT/HS) viscosity of 3.5 cPa and are expected to be designated as API CK-4 at first licensing, currently targeted for December 1, 2016. PC-11A oils will cover SAE xW-30 and SAE xW-40 viscosity grades.

– PC-11B will define new low HT/HS oils, and will not be backward compatible with API CJ-4 and API CI-4 PLUS oils (as indicated by OEMs today). These oils will typically only be recommended by OEMs for use in model year 2017 diesel engines to take advantage of improved fuel economy while providing excellent engine protection. PC-11B will only cover SAE xW-30 viscosity grades and will have an HTHS viscosity between 2.9 and 3.2 cPa. They will be designated under a completely different API category at first licensing, currently targeted for December 1, 2016.

Continued education for fleet personnel will be important to ensure understanding how OEMs will adapt to this new category of oils. As always, customers should be sure that they understand the new categories, along with their own fleet make-up, so they can identify the correct application of PC-11 oils.

Today, and beyond the December 2016 launch, Ed Staub & Sons remains committed to providing superior lubricants to help your equipment run more efficiently. For over 55 years, we’ve partnered with the industry’s top lubricant providers to reduce friction and maximize engine durability. We can help you to transition your fleet to meet PC-11 requirements.

Simply fill out the contact form, and an Ed’s expert will reply, or call us at 1-844-200-FUEL.


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