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The future of Diesel Oil started in 1935.

In 1935 Chevron’s predecessor, Standard Oil, launched a multipurpose engine oil under the name DELO – an acronym for Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil. The development of RPM Delo Special Motor Oil enabled US Navy submarines to triple their cruising range during World War II.


By 1989, DELO was the first lubricant to take a big diesel (CAT 3406B) to 1 million miles without overhaul!

In more recent history Chevron DELO products have been the 1st to meet Caterpillar EC 1 coolant requirements, GM Dexcool coolant requirements, the first to launch a friction modified fuel efficient 10W-30, and the first to claim Extended Life Coolant Technology with 1,000,000 mile fluid life.

Ed Staub & Sons offers a full line of lubricants and grease products to meet you needs, including: Chevron, Delo, Havoline, Phillips 66, Mag1, Power Service Products, and more. Plus, we have the experts on staff to provide a sampling analysis to help you extend the time between change intervals. That’s a change that could keep your equipment running, and directly affect your bottom line. Request a QUICK QUOTE or call us at 844-200-FUEL.