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PC-11 Mythbusters: Get the facts on this new oil

With the new PC-11 heavy duty motor oil (HDMO) category currently targeted for December 1, 2016, fleets must begin preparing for this critical change in technology. As fleet managers and executives plan their fleet’s strategy, we’ve seen a surge in questions from many of our customers, and wanted to help set the record straight.

MYTH: PC-11 is only for use in new model year engines and vehicles.

FACT: While PC-11 has been developed to target performance improvements in newer engines, many of these improvements are important to all engines, new and old alike.

In particular, the API CK-4 category will be backwards compatible, incorporating performance requirements from API CJ-4 while introducing new requirements for improved oxidation stability, aeration control and shear stability. API CK-4 oils will be offered in a variety of viscosity grades including the SAE 15W-40 and SAE 10W-30 grades that are most commonly used and recommended today.

PC-11 will also have a newer, lower viscosity subcategory, which will likely be called API FA-4. FA-4 will offer the same performance benefits as CK-4 but with the potential for improved fuel economy. This subcategory will not be backwards compatible.



MYTH: PC-11 oils are just like API CJ-4 HDMOs, only thinner.
FACT: API CK-4 and API FA-4 will differ from each other in their allowable viscosity ranges. Oils meeting these new specifications will provide performance enhancements over API CJ-4 in oxidation stability, aeration control and shear stability, enabling your equipment to work harder and longer.

You’ll have the same range of choices of viscosity grade as you do today, in addition to new options that offer enhanced fuel economy.

MYTH: PC-11 HDMOs won’t offer the same protections for my emission control system.
FACT: API CJ-4 oils were introduced with emissions control system protection in mind. PC-11 will have the same limits on sulfur, phosphorus and sulfated ash content that engine makers have shown are critical to maximizing the life of emission systems.

Leading lubricants manufacturers are expected to continue to enhance cutting-edge HDMOs with each new category, further reducing the quantities of sulfur, phosphorus and sulfated ash while increasing performance benefits.

MYTH: PC-11 is only for new on-road trucks, not off-highway equipment.
FACT: PC-11 will offer improvements to engine oil that are important for diesel engines of all types, even off-highway! With improved oxidation stability and shear stability, PC-11 oils will deliver new performance that is important to hard-working engines in the off-highway segment. Oils meeting this new category will be available in a variety of viscosity grades, including the conventional grades available today.

Today, and beyond the December 2016 launch, Ed Staub & Sons remains committed to providing superior lubricants to help your equipment run more efficiently. For over 55 years, we’ve partnered with the industry’s top lubricant providers to reduce friction and maximize engine durability. We can help you to transition your fleet to meet PC-11 requirements. Simply fill out the contact form, and an Ed’s expert will reply, or call us at 1-844-200-FUEL.