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It is time to get a better handle on your fleet fuel expenses?

Quickly answer these three questions:

  1. How often are my fuel cards used each week?
  2. Can I limit fuel types and dollar amounts for each transaction?
  3. Can I automatically flag purchases that fall outside of company guidelines?

Beginning a Fuel Commander fleet fueling program will help you manage your fuel and maintenance expenses, save time and money and give you the controls you need to effectively manage your business.

Fleet cards have superior purchase controls compared to bank cards, in-house charge accounts or cash, plus comprehensive detailed reporting showing purchases by driver or vehicle and miles per gallon for your vehicle expenditures, while monitoring driver behaviors.

The addition of a nationwide fuel and maintenance network provides the convenience of fueling wherever your fleet vehicles may travel. Fuel Commander cards are accepted at over 170,000 locations Nationwide.

According to Fleet Magazine the average slippage or loss from theft of fuel or abuse of company fuel purchasing policies results in an average 10-15% loss. The average is estimated to be about 12% but studies have shown loss due to theft or abuse as high as 30%.

Consider your current fuel bill each month and estimate what eliminating even 5% loss would do for your bottom line!


The Convenience Plus Card from Fuel Commander, is accepted at 29 Fuel Commander Cardlock sites and 10 Fuel Commander Network Retail sites & approximately 170,000 Voyager® Network Card Sites for drivers & vehicles that travel larger geographic regions.

You need a fuel management program with NO COST TO APPLY or SETUP YOUR ACCOUNT. Plus, there are NO ONGOING CARD FEES or TRANSACTION FEES.

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