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Are you using the right lubricants?

From motor oil, to transmission fluid, and gear oil and greases, Ed Staub & Sons understands how proper lubrication decreases your downtime and protects your investment.

Take 5 minutes to go through the “5 Rights” of a successful lubricant program:

    Two major classes of lubricants are oil and grease. The selection of the type is based on the application, as you might have guessed. Think greases when you need to lubricate small bearings. As a rule of thumb, use oil where possible because it can be cooled and filtered, knowing that cooling is not possible for applications where grease is the better choice. With a quick conversation with an Ed’s expert, you’ll likely learn how we can consolidate lubricants without compromising performance.
    When considering lubricant quality, you’re looking for both the ability of the lubricant to meet OEM specifications, and the cleanliness of the fluid which is delivered. Keep in mind, even with the highest quality lubricant, handling it properly during delivery and storage will ensure it perform as expected. Sound tricky? We can help.
    As you might have guessed, more is not better. Too much lubricant in a system can be as destructive as not enough. Not sure how much is just right? Ask and Ed’s expert for for their opinion, to get it just right!
    Once you’ve selected the right type of lubricant and the quantity to best fit your application, we just need to apply it at the proper location! Adding the wrong oil to a lubrication point is not uncommon…. And unfortunately, it will usually go undetected until a problem occurs. Consider taking the time to properly label all lubrication points with the the lubricant to be added.
    For starters, become familiar with the OEM recommendations for change frequency for each piece of equipment. It is a good matter of practice to set frequencies for small systems based on operating temperature. This higher the temperature, the more frequent the lubricant change. For the best results, keep a simple record of the lubrication timeline for each device.

Ed Staub & Sons offers a full line of lubricants and grease products to meet you needs, including: Chevron, Phillips 66, Mag1, and Power Service Products. Plus, we have the experts on staff to provide a sampling analysis to help you extend the time between change intervals. That’s a change that could keep your equipment running, and directly affect your bottom line.


Whether you are a family farmer or the head of a booming commercial fleet, Ed Staub & Sons has the solution for your motor oil and lubrication needs, from case goods to bulk packaged products. Request a QUICK QUOTE or call us at 844-200-FUEL.