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Fueling a Competitive Edge for fleets

As your fleet grows, total cost-of-ownership is a top consideration. With Propane Autogas,  you can expect to save money in areas where conventional and other alternative fuels would strain a fleet’s budget.

In the long run, propane autogas delivers superior performance to conventional fuels for each dollar invested. And when you take advantage of potential government incentives and the Fuel Commander fueling programs by Ed Staub & Sons, the payback period is even shorter.

Propane autogas provides reliable performance without the additional maintenance expenses other fuels may require.

Take advantage of Ed Staub & Sons bulk plant fueling stations and when you’re traveling outside of Ed’s territory, seek out the growing inventory of private & public networks. See Propane Autgas filling locations nationwide.

Tom Armstrong at ThyssenKrupp Elevator decided to try propane autogas as a sustainable solution to combat fuel costs. The fleet began with three Roush CleanTech Ford E-150 propane autogas vans in the Phoenix area in 2010. After experiencing the benefits of propane autogas, Armstrong decided to commit.

Today, ThyssenKrupp employees around the country drive 47 Roush CleanTech Ford E-series propane autogas vans and seven F-series trucks, with plans to add more.

Since switching to propane autogas, ThyssenKrupp has saved $4,152 on each vehicle annually. It also takes advantage of the thousands of public propane autogas refueling stations around the U.S., some of which offer conveniences like 24-hour accessibility, driver operation, and credit card capability.

You can switch your fleet to propane autogas knowing it has already passed the test around the globe. Worldwide, more than 23 million vehicles were powered by propane autogas. And in the U.S., there are more than 173,100 propane-autogas-powered vehicles on the road.

For fleets that want the cost benefits of propane autogas, but need the flexibility of a gasoline backup or aren’t ready to buy new, EPA-certified bi-fuel conversion kits can be installed on existing vehicles.

Light-duty vehicles (LDVs) powered by propane autogas emit 11 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions and about 40 percent fewer smog-producing hydrocarbon emissions than gasoline-fueled models. Propane-autogas-powered heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) emit nearly 18 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-fueled HDVs. Choosing American-made propane autogas protects the environment while also boosting America’s energy security.

Several alternative Fuels tax incentives are available. Call us at 844-200-FUEL to find out which State and Federal incentives you may qualify for, including equipment funding, fuel tax rebates, and more.


ED STAUB & SONS is your Propane Powered Vehicle Partner.  

Contact an Ed’s Autogas expert at 844-200-FUEL or fill out the contact form on this page for more information.



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