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BudgetPay is just one more way that Ed Staub & Sons works with customers to provide the highest quality services available in heating oil and propane! With a BudgetPay plan, you pay a set installment each month and rest easy knowing that you and your family will stay warm without breaking the bank. We also offer premium rewards and senior discounts.

When you have questions about BudgetPay please call 1-844-200-FUEL or complete the contact from at the top of this page.




Q. What is the Budgetpay Plan?

A. The Budgetpay Plan helps smooth out the ups and downs of your monthly residential propane and/or heating fuel bill by averaging annual consumption and costs over an 11 month period. You pay an average payment amount each month instead of actual invoice charges.


Q. How does the Budgetpay Plan work?

A. First, we estimate your monthly usage and charges, based on your past usage and projected future use, along with a projected price per gallon. The analysis is done using sales from April through the following March. This is considered the Budgetpay Plan year. The result of this calculation is your monthly Budgetpay Plan payment. This is the amount you will pay each month, until notified otherwise. We will continue to monitor your usage and send you a monthly statement showing the amount of fuel delivered and payments received.


Q. What are the advantages to participating in the Budgetpay Plan?

A. There are many advantages to participating in the Budgetpay Plan. The biggest advantage is paying set monthly payments throughout the plan year rather than paying the entire actual heating fuel or propane invoice when the delivery is made. Additionally, you will be set up on a regular schedule for your deliveries assuring you that your tank will be maintained at an adequate level at all times.


Q. Will I still be eligible for any other discounts on my purchases?

A. Yes. As a Budgetpay customer you automatically qualify for our Premium Rewards Discount. If your payments are made as agreed and any account balance owing at the end of the Budgetpay season is paid in full by June 1st, we will apply a 2% credit to your account. All seniors (62 and over) are also eligible for a discount. Propane has a $.05 discount per gallon, and heating oil has a $.02 per gallon discount.


Q. Who can use the Budgetpay plan?

A. Any residential propane and heating oil customer. Some small businesses and churches are also eligible.


Q. I have 2 or more homes, or heat my parent’s home in addition to my own. Can I Budgetpay for all under one account?

A. Yes, as long as the fuel is used for residential heating purposes only.


Q. Does the Budgetpay Plan payment amount change?

A. Throughout the plan year, your Budgetpay account will be reviewed and, depending on the actual gallon usage and actual price per gallon vs. the projected gallons and price per gallon, your monthly payment may be adjusted – up or down – to minimize your settlement balance due June 1st. In some instances, further adjustments to your Budgetpay payment amount may be necessary. You are also encouraged to call our toll free number if you have any concerns about your payment amount or account balance.


Q. How will I be notified about an adjustment to my Budgetpay Plan payment amount?

A. You will be notified of an adjustment to your Budgetpay Plan amount on your monthly account statement one month prior to the change. Be sure to read your bill closely each month. In the event that further adjustment is necessary, you will be sent a letter of notification.


Q. What happens during the settlement month?

A. At the end of each 11-month period on the Budgetpay Plan, your account is reconciled and sometime between May 15th and 25th, you will receive your final account statement for the plan year. The difference between your actual charges for the year and the amount of your payments received will result in the remaining balance on your account. If your actual charges were less than what you paid, you will have a credit. This credit will be applied to your account for the next Plan year or refunded to you by check, upon your request.


Q. What if I am unable to make a payment?

A. One missed payment may be made up through the plan year, or must be paid (to clear the account) on June 1st. Two missed payments that are not made up will result in termination of the agreement, even if there is a credit balance.


Q. In the past I have received an energy assistance grant to assist me with my heating fuel costs? How can that be figured into my Budgetpay Plan?

A. Because the authorization of approval of your grant is not available at the time of the calculation of your Budgetpay Plan monthly payment amount, generally in May, that grant cannot be figured into your payment amount. However, as soon as you received written notification from your energy assistance provider, please forward a copy of that confirmation to us and we will be happy to adjust your monthly payment amount accordingly.


Q. What if the agreement is terminated?

A. If the agreement is terminated by the customer, it should be submitted in writing to Ed Staub and Sons Petroleum, Inc. at the address specified on the agreement. You will be notified if Ed Staub and Sons Petroleum, Inc. terminates the agreement. Any balance owing is due and payable in full upon termination. Credit balances will be promptly refunded per the terms of the agreement.


Q. When can I sign up?

A. The sign up period begins in May and ends in September. The first scheduled Budgetpay payments begin on July 1st. If a customer signs up after the first scheduled payment, they must make up all missed payments for the plan year.


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