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Propane Price Protection!

Q. What is Propane Price Protection?

A. The Propane Price Protection Program allows you to “lock in” the price per gallon for your annual purchases. This program is run in conjunction with the Budgetpay program where you pay an average payment amount each month instead of actual invoice charges.

Q. How does the Propane Price Protection Program work?

A. First, we estimate your annual usage based on your past usage and projected future usage. We then multiply this projected usage by the “fixed” price per gallon rate to determine your estimated annual propane costs. This figure is divided by 11 to determine a monthly scheduled payment amount. You can decide on a set gallon quantity that you would like to purchase on the program or you can “lock in” your entire projected usage. This is the amount you will pay each month, until notified otherwise. We will continue to monitor your usage and send you a comprehensive monthly statement showing the delivery invoices and payments received. We will track your gallon usage and will contact you when you have met your purchase contract obligation.

Q. What are the advantages to participating in the Propane Price Protection Program?

A. There are many advantages to participating in the Propane Price Protection Program. The biggest advantage is that you are guaranteed the price per gallon will not increase or decrease for the gallons you contracted. The next biggest advantage to participating in the program is paying set monthly payments throughout the plan year rather than paying the entire actual delivery invoice when the delivery is made.   Additionally, you will be set up on a regular schedule for your deliveries, assuring you that your tank will be maintained at an adequate level at all times. Also, for deliveries in the months of July and Aug. 2010, you will receive the lowest of the prices between the “locked in” price per gallon and the regular posted price at your location.

Q. Will I still be eligible for any other discounts on my purchases?

A. Absolutely! You will be eligible for any and all applicable discounts just as you were on your regular account. All seniors (62 and older) are eligible for a $.05 per gallon discount on their propane purchases. All Budgetpay customers are automatically eligible to receive the Premium Rewards Account discount of 2% on all of your purchases on the account. This rebate is issued to you in June of each year.

Q. I have 2 or more homes, or heat my parent’s home in addition to my own. Can I sign up for all locations under one account?

A. You bet! We use a “ship to” feature that allows us to maintain separate records for separate delivery locations making tracking a breeze for you.

Q. How will I be notified about the status of my contract?

A. You will be notified periodically regarding the status of your Propane Price Protection Program account. If you watch your delivery invoice(s) that are furnished to you, you will be able to also track your contracted gallons.

Q. Does the Propane Price Protection Program payment amount change?

A. No. Because you have “locked in” your propane price per gallon for a selected number of gallons and that is what your payment is based on, the monthly payment amount for this plan will not change. Once you have met your contract obligation your Propane Price Protection program will end for the season and any future deliveries will be invoiced at the posted price per gallon and will be due and payable according to the regular account terms.

Q. What happens during the settlement month?

A. At the end of the program, should any adjustments be necessary due to contract irregularities, these will be processed at this time. Your account is reconciled and you will receive your final account statement for the plan year. The difference between your actual charges for the season, any adjustments, and the amount of your payments received will result in the remaining balance due or credit balance on your account.

Q. What if I am unable to make a payment?

A. One missed payment may be made up through the plan year, or will be included in any balance owing at the end of the plan year when the entire balance owing is due and payable in full by June 1st. Two missed payments that are not made up will result in termination of the agreement. All undelivered contractual gallons will be evaluated and if necessary, a differential fee may be charge according to the contract.

Q. In the past I have received an energy assistance grant to assist me with my propane costs? How can that be figured into my Propane Price Protection Program?

A. Because the authorization of approval of your grant is not available at the time of the calculation of your program’s monthly payment amount, that grant cannot be figured into your payment amount. However, as soon as you receive written notification from your energy assistance provider, please forward a copy of that confirmation to us and we will be happy to adjust your monthly payment amount accordingly.

Q. Can this agreement be terminated by myself or Ed Staub & Sons?

A. If I terminate the contract for any reason, this may result in a differential fee being charged for the contracted gallons not delivered. The differential fee will be the difference of the current price per gallon and the contract price per gallon, or $.20 per gallon, whichever is greater.

Ed Staub & Sons (Seller) ultimately reserves the right to cancel the Propane Price Protection Program at any time. Seller shall not be liable for failure to perform any obligations under this agreement where such failure may be due to causes reasonably beyond the seller’s control. Seller’s ability to supply product further is dependent on their continued availability from seller’s usual and anticipated supply sources. In the event such products are not readily available in sufficient quantities to meet seller’s total commitments, seller shall have the right to allocate in a fair and reasonable manner. No such occurrence shall relieve buyer of the obligation to pay in full for product actually delivered.

Q. When can I sign up?

A. The sign up period begins May 1st and ends on September 30th. The first scheduled Propane Price Protection payments begin on July 1st.

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