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We can help you Brand your Station.

Are drivers passing your station and fueling up just down the street? Branding your retail gas station can bring your business instant recognition! It also lets you to take advantage of nationwide marketing and advertising campaigns: something that can be difficult as an independent store owner.

Rest assured, we can help! 

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Branded programs can include:

  • Image/Signage
  • Advertising
  • Point of Purchase Materials
  • Uniforms
  • Incentives
  • Credit Cards
  • Inside Store Marketing
  • Convenience Store Support
  • Contract Fuel Pricing & Priority Fuel Delivery
  • On-Going Support

Ed Staub & Sons can help you harness the power of established gas station brands, or rebrand your station with your own private label brand.

  • Chevron

    For over 60 years, Ed Staub & Sons has worked to maintain relationships with major fuel brands like Chevron. We can tailor a fuel solution to meet the needs of your local markets, matching our services with the volume, location and equipment requirements for your retail location.


    Different cars have different octane needs. You can always expect to find the unsurpassed cleaning power of Techron in all grades of Chevron gasoline. The benefits of Chevron with Techron are numerous.

    Benefits of Chevron With Techron

    Helps restore lost engine performance caused by deposits left by lower quality gasolines
    > Helps keep emissions low
    > Unsurpassed ability to clean vital engine parts such as dirty fuel injectors and intake valves


    Get Started With A Free Station Analysis!

    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to learn more about becoming a Chevron Dealer.

  • Shell

    While you may think all gasolines are the same, the technology inside Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline proves otherwise. Its additive package with patented technology provides the BEST TOTAL engine protection you can get. That means it protects against not one, but three types of engine performance deterioration – gunk, corrosion and wear that has been proven in a variety of industry standard tests.


    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to learn more about becoming a Shell Service Station.

  • Valero

    Valero is North America’s Largest Independent Refiner and has grown from a regional energy company with a single refinery to North America’s largest independent refiner.

    > Valero produces gasoline, distillates, jet fuel and many other products that improve people’s lives through its geographically diverse network of refineries.

    Well-positioned pipelines and terminals allow Valero to deliver premium-quality fuels more quickly, responsibly and efficiently than any other refiner on the continent.


    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to learn more about Valero. An Ed’s Expert will reply quickly.

  • Fuel Good

    Macdoel overall

    There’s no doubt the retail fuel market is a competitive space, retailers need a competitive edge. Fuel is a big part of everyday living! For most people, fuel is a means to get from point A to point B, for the independent fuel retailer, fuel is your livelihood, your reputation, your civic involvement, your family AND your business.

    When you partner with Ed Staub & Sons on your new Fuelgood station, you join a family of hard working, knowledgeable fuel professionals to deliver products and services in a manner that develops relationships and contributes to the success of our communities.

    Why Fuelgood?

    When customers fuel up at your Fuelgood station a portion of the proceeds is donated to the local foodbank, benefiting the whole community. By partnering with local foodbanks, Fuelgood is known to cultivate loyal, and appreciative customers.

    What is included?

    > New Gas Station Image
    > A brand new look will refresh your station! Attract new attention with a full signage upgrade from pumps, to toppers, to overhangs, and more. Our branding team will with work with you to re-envision every aspect of your facility. And what’s even better? You choose the color scheme.
    > Contract Fuel Prices
    > Convenience Store Assistance
    > From c-stores and grocery stores, to marinas and more, our retail experience crosses nearly all channels and types of retail sites. We leverage this experience to help you succeed.
    > Advertising that converts
    > Your Fuelgood partnership includes programs to refresh your marketing signage, which can include pump toppers, counter mats, static clings and more. Eye-catching POP displays are designed to help drive sales and let consumers know about special offers and all the good that you are doing in the community.

    Ready to learn more?


    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to give your station a fresh start!

  • Fuel Commander


    Fuel Commander

    Fuel Commander provides a cost effective way to manage vehicles, drivers, and expenditures to increase productivity and achieve greater bottom line results for your customers.

    In addition to high quality fuel available 24 hours a day, your new Fuel Commander location allows you to help your clients:

    > Set controls and restrictions on purchases
    > Set dollar limits per transactions or per days.
    > Monitor and manage who fuels, what they purchased, where they purchased, how much, and how often.
    > Provide 2 options for fuel cards that limit spending to 29 stations, or 170,000 nationwide facilities.

    Help your customers manage their fleet programs by providing the tools they need to identify and stop purchases outside of their fueling policies.


    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to learn more about becoming a Fuel Commander Provider.

  • 76

    California based Union Oil first introduced 76® gasoline in 1932. The iconic orange ball made its debut in 1962 as gas station signage. Shortly after, in 1967, stations began distributing the popular “antenna balls” which are still seen on cars today.

    From upgraded stations to TOP TIER® gas at more than 1,800 retail locations across the country, 76® is committed to being on the driver’s side.


    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to learn more about becoming a 76 Provider.

  • Sinclair


    Ed Staub and Sons Petroleum  now offers a Sinclair Licensing Program to give independent station operators an opportunity to aggressively compete in today’s business environment. You can shop for unbranded fuel, but still enjoy the benefits of one of the oldest and most recognized brands in the world.

    Benefits for sites converting to the New Sinclair License Program include:

    > Fresh, new brand image
    > Credit card network of proprietary cards
    > Flexible terms and conditions
    > Participation in Sinclair’s value-added program offerings
    > Merchandise customers love
    > The Sinclair Dinosaur!

    Sites must meet certain minimum requirements, geographic and economic criteria to qualify for Sinclair’s Licensing Program, Brand Conversion.


    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to learn more about becoming a Sinclair Dealer.

  • Spirit



    The Spirit® Brand was created specifically to help dealers of all sizes succeed in challenging business conditions. Through its image and approach, Spirit® proudly embodies the traditional American values of independence and freedom.


    Spirit® helps dealers boost the bottom line by keeping branding requirements to a minimum and negotiating competitive packages on business solutions like credit- card processing. Spirit® goes to bat for dealers to increase margins in a challenging industry.

    Spirit® Dealer Benefits:

    National, patriotic image that inspires customer loyalty
    > Minimal branding requirements with affordable fees
    > Credit card processing with competitive rates
    > Freedom to run your business your way


    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to learn more about becoming a Spirit Dealer.

  • Texaco


    The fuel retailing world is fierce, with rising competition that makes customer loyalty difficult to attain. That’s why an iconic brand like Texaco, recognized the world over for performance, quality and service may be the right choice. By combining the unsurpassed cleaning power of Texaco with Techron gasoline and more than 100 years of rich brand heritage, Texaco stations stand out from the crowd.

    But there’s another reason why retail investors choose the Texaco brand. They value Chevron’s commitment to delivering customer satisfaction through doing business “The Chevron Way” – with integrity, safety and trust.

    The Texaco brand has been a beacon to motorists for over 100 years. As a Texaco brand marketer or retailer, you become part of a respected and competitive team with a history of building winning relationships with customers.

    From day one you have access to:

    Texaco business resources
    > Proven cost-effective ways to help you grow your business
    > Tragic processes to simplify your business
    > Fail proof techniques to streamline your operations


    Complete the quick Contact Form or call an Ed’s expert at 844-200-FUEL to learn more about becoming a Texaco Dealer.

  • VP Racing


    VP Racing Fuels

    When you crave the most power, best performance and must-have fuel consistency, you need VP Racing Fuels!
    With VP Racing Fuels, you can avoid the high cost of dealing with Major Brands and be more competitive with Super Independents and Grocery Store fuel programs. VP can provide higher margins, more profits and an attention-grabbing image through a branding program that NO major brand can follow or imitate.

    Substantial reductions in credit card & fuel expense
    > New revenue streams
    > Simplicity, flexibility, transparency & increased profitability
    > Unparalleled marketing support
    > A unique, professional image with an “edge”
    > A stable brand committed long-term to racing and retail gasoline sales



Ready to learn more?

We are here to answer your questions about your branded fuel and lubrication needs. Fill out the Contact Form on this page, or call 844-200-FUEL to start a conversation today.









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